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Why HitsLink?

Latest Page Views

This report lists the latest page views to your site with detail on each visitor.  The page views are initially listed in reverse chronological order.

The main page presents summary information in a table.  To get detailed information on a particular visit, click on one the links on the far right of each line in the table.

- The 'Details' link provides a list of visitor details about the visitor that created the page view, including the navigation path.

Terms Used on Report:


A unique identifier assigned to a visitor.  Each visitor is cookied with this value so that subsequent page views, visits, and activity can be assigned to the same visitor.

The small percentage of visitors that block cookies are tracked via I.P. address and user agent, but are still assigned a visitor id.

Visit No.

The number of visits.  This is the number of distinct days the visitor has accessed your site.