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Why HitsLink?

Clicks by Country

This report shows the number of click by country.  A high number of clicks from an unexpected country is an indication of click fraud.  The country is determined by the visitor domain.  For example, if the visitor domain is, the country would be recorded as the United Kingdom.  The total number of clicks are displayed for the timeframe selected.

For each country in the report, you can click on the 'Clicks' link to display a list of latest clicks from the country on that line.  This is helpful to see if there is a suspicious pattern of clicks from the country.

Terms Used on Report:


The act of a user clicking on a hyperlink that directs the user to another site.  Clicks are recorded when a visitor clicks on a link from a referrer once per day per referrer.

Clicks can occur from a variety of sources, including:
  • Links on search engines
  • Links on other sites
  • Links within emails