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Why HitsLink?

Monthly Repeat Clicks

This report shows the number of visitors from a single I.P. address that have clicked on an ad with a campaign identifier on it to get to your site more than once.  A high number of clicks per I.P. address is an indication of click fraud.  However, it is not a definitive indication, since sophisticated perpetrators of click fraud vary the I.P. addresses of incoming clicks.

A 'click' is when a visitor clicks on a link to your site with a campaign parameter on it.  For example:

If a visitor clicks on an ad with a campaign identifier on the link, it will be recorded as a latest click.  Latest clicks are stored for 30 days and can be sorted and filtered using the standard report user interface.

We use an algorithm that filters out repeat clicks within a short timeframe to prevent over-reporting of click counts.  If a visitor quickly re-clicks on an ad or refreshes the page shortly after arriving at your site, the click is filtered out.

If you choose to display a map of the repeat clicks by location, there will be various sized red circles.  The larger the circle, the more clicks came from that point on the map.  You can mouse-over the point to get more details on each point.

Terms Used on Report:


The address of a site, without the protocol, path, page or other items attached.  For example, "" is a domain.


A cookie is a text-only string that gets entered into the memory of your browser.  This value is a variable that a website sets for future use.  A cookie can be set to expire after a visitor leaves a website, or for any future time.  If the lifetime of this value is set to be longer than the time you spend at that site, then this string is saved to a file for future reference.

Most user's browsers support cookies, however, due to privacy concerns, the percentage of users blocking cookies is increasing.


The act of a user clicking on a hyperlink that directs the user to another site.  Clicks are recorded when a visitor clicks on a link from a referrer once per day per referrer.

Clicks can occur from a variety of sources, including:
  • Links on search engines
  • Links on other sites
  • Links within emails

  • Pages / Click

    This is the average number of pages a visitor accesses per click.  An indication of click fraud is when the page depth is one or very low.  However, it is not a definitive indication, since sophisticated perpetrators of click-fraud use automated bots to simulate normal visitor activity.