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Why HitsLink?

Pages by Search Terms

This report shows which pages are first accessed for search terms visitors type into search engines to find your site.  This report is useful to see which pages are relevent to search engines by search term.

Terms Used on Report:

Search Term

The keyword or terms entered in a search engine.  This can be a single word, a combination of words, a phrase enclosed in quotes, or specialized to the search engine it came from. For example, most search engines use the following syntax for basic searches:

Single keyword: car
Multiple keywords: fast car
Exact phrase: "fast car"
Specialized: "fast car" -yugo (on most search engines, this returns sites with "fast car" on the site, but without the word "yugo"


A referral from a search engine.  This differs from a visitor since a visitor in only recorded the first time a user visits your site in a day (a daily unique visit).  This can lead to a higher number of search engine referrals than visitors since this referrals track multiple seach engine referrals per user per day.