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Why HitsLink?

First Time Customers

This report lists the numbers of transactions created by a customer for the first time ever and the percentage of first-time transactions.

This report is helpful in seeing the results of marketing campaigns to see if they are generating higher numbers of first-time customers.

This report lists the data in chronological order from left to right on the chart.  The table below the chart is listed in reverse chronological order from top to bottom.

If the timeframe for the report is by year, month or day, you can drill-down to see details for the current timeframe by clicking on the hyperlink on the left-most column in the table.  This will redisplay the same report with a more detailed timeframe.

Terms Used on Report:

Total Transactions

A completed transaction by a user.  Transactions are recorded when a special tracking script is executed on your confirmation page(s).  This tracking script can be found on the Account / Get Tracking Script menu item.

First Time Transactions

The first time a visitor executes a transaction.  All subsequent transactions are recorded as 'repeat transactions'.  This is specific to transaction type.